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  1. your blog is awsum :)

  2. plz upload latest mehandi deigns

  3. ur blog iz great...make ur own website :)

  4. thanks for your feed back :)
    soon we upload latest designs of mehandi

  5. Mehandi designs are uploaded :)

  6. hi, its in regards to youre website.
    my dear friend neesha rai is quite upset at some of the comments on her pictures as anonamous people are posting personal things about her family.
    please either delete her pictures or all of the comments as this is a violation of her rights.

  7. Hi there,

    I've just come across your blog site after one of the models you wrote/published a post about recommended it to me. It's a really good website and very well presented.

    Unfortunately she's had some rather negative and untrue comments, which are quite hurtful and are wrote in very poor taste.

    As there is no report abuse button and I don't think you replied to her message, I decided to ask if you could please remove the comments?

    The post is quite old but I don't think she was aware of it until now.


    I look forward to your response and hopefully this matter will be resolved.

  8. Do not select titles like nude, sex, adult - coz it block the blog due to idiotic PTA sensor policy.

  9. awsome hamza...Allah ap ko din dugni rat chugni traqqi atta farmae...(ameen).